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General assistance or
to connect with any office, 1-800-468-6682
Collections Department



OVBC Shareholder Relations


Debit Card Hotlines

Lost or stolen cards: 1-888-297-3416

Activate card/Reset PIN: 1-800-631-3197

Report fraud: 1-800-468-6682

*If you receive a fraud alert, we may request a call back, the number to call back is 855-293-2456 if you received a text alert, 800-237-8990 if you received a call.

Credit Card Hotlines

Report Lost/Stolen Cards: 1-800-615-1161

To Activate Credit Card: 1-800-543-5073

Change Credit Card PIN: 1-866-297-3408

EZCard Info Website Assistance: 1-866-604-0380

ScoreCardRewards Assistance: 1-800-854-0790


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