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XBRL Files

What's This? XBRL is an XML-based language for the electronic transmission of business and financial data. These files are provided to satisfy SEC requirements for interactive data reporting. On this page, links are provided so that you may download and view them in the XBRL viewer of your choice.  

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Q1 2017 Form 10-Q

File Type
ovbc-20170331.xml (3.6MB) Instance Document
ovbc-20170331.xsd (52kb) SCHEMA
ovbc-20170331_cal.xml (50kb)   
Calculation Linkbase
ovbc-20170331_lab.xml (352kb)   
Labels Linkbase
ovbc-20170331_pre.xml (455kb)    Presentation Linkbase 
ovbc-20170331_def.xml (438kb)    Definition Linkbase 

2016 Form 10-K

File Type
  ovbc-20161231.xml (5.7MB) Instance Document
ovbc-20161231.xsd (105kb) SCHEMA
ovbc-20161231_cal.xml (96kb)  
Calculation Linkbase
ovbc-20161231_lab.xml (644kb)  
Labels Linkbase
ovbc-20161231_pre.xml (834kb)   Presentation Linkbase
ovbc-20161231_def.xml (788kb)   Definition Linkbase

Q3 2016 Form 10-Q

File Type
ovbc-20160930.xml (3.85MB) Instance Document
ovbc-20160930.xsd (60kb) SCHEMA
ovbc-20160930_cal.xml (62kb) Calculation Linkbase
ovbc-20160930_lab.xml (401kb) Labels Linkbase
ovbc-20160930_pre.xml (495kb) Presentation Linkbase
ovbc-20160930_def.xml (473kb) Definition Linkbase

Q2 2016 Form 10-Q

File Type
ovbc-20160630.xml (3.6MB) Instance Document
ovbc-20160630.xsd (52kb) SCHEMA
ovbc-20160630_cal.xml (50kb) Calculation Linkbase
ovbc-20160630_lab.xml (370kb) Labels Linkbase
ovbc-20160630_pre.xml (462kb) Presentation Linkbase
ovbc-20160630_def.xml (446kb) Definition Linkbase

Q1 2016 Form 10-Q

File Type
ovbc-20160331.xml (3.7MB) Instance Document
ovbc-20160331.xsd (72kb) SCHEMA
ovbc-20160331_cal.xml (55kb)
Calculation Linkbase
ovbc-20160331_lab.xml (469kb)
Labels Linkbase
ovbc-20160331_pre.xml (365kb) Presentation Linkbase
ovbc-20160331_def.xml (373kb) Definition Linkbase

2015 Form 10-K

File Type
ovbc-20151231.xml (5.9MB) Instance Document
ovbc-20151231.xsd (109kb)  SCHEMA
ovbc-20151231_cal.xml (86kb) 
Calculation Linkbase
ovbc-20151231_lab.xml (713kb) 
Labels Linkbase
ovbc-20151231_pre.xml (569kb)  Presentation Linkbase
ovbc-20151231_def.xml (571kb)  Definition Linkbase

Q3 2015 Form 10-Q

File Type
ovbc-20150930.xml (4.4MB) Instance Document
ovbc-20150930.xsd (67kb) SCHEMA
ovbc-20150930_cal.xml (57kb)
Calculation Linkbase
ovbc-20150930_lab.xml (460kb)
Labels Linkbase
ovbc-20150930_pre.xml (350kb) Presentation Linkbase
ovbc-20150930_def.xml (355kb) Definition Linkbase

Q2 2015 Form 10-Q

File Type
ovbc-20150630.xml (4.3MB) Instance Document
ovbc-20150630.xsd (66kb) SCHEMA
ovbc-20150630_cal.xml (57kb)
Calculation Linkbase
ovbc-20150630_lab.xml (455kb)
Labels Linkbase
ovbc-20150630_pre.xml (340kb) Presentation Linkbase
ovbc-20150630_def.xml (345kb) Definition Linkbase

Q1 2015 Form 10-Q

File Type
ovbc-20150331.xml (4 MB) Instance Document
ovbc-20150331.xsd (70kb) SCHEMA
ovbc-20150331_cal.xml (57kb)
Calculation Linkbase
ovbc-20150331_lab.xml (453kb)
Labels Linkbase
ovbc-20150331_pre.xml (339kb) Presentation Linkbase
ovbc-20150331_def.xml (338kb) Definition Linkbase