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The move to VISA debit...

Ohio Valley Bank is moving from MasterCard to Visa debit cards.




Visa is the world's largest payments network. Visa cards are widely accepted by merchants both inside and outside of the U.S. and accepted at over 2 million ATMs. OVB’s move to Visa will provide you with cutting-edge security and reliability while protecting the low banking fees and cash back rewards you enjoy today.


All debit cards on your accounts with us will be automatically converted to Visa at no cost to you. You will receive your new card in the mail by the end of June 2018 . Until you receive your Visa card, please continue to use your MasterCard as usual.

Do I need to do anything?

Your new Visa debit card will be automatically mailed to you. The next time you stop by OVB, please check to make sure we have your current mailing address. When your new card arrives, follow the instructions with it to activate.

What will change?

Your Visa card will have a new number, expiration date, and security code. Once your new card arrives, you will want to notify anyone you pay automatically with your card.

What doesn’t change?

You will still receive all of the perks you enjoy today with your current OVB checking account.

Will my PIN change?

That depends on you. When you call to activate your new card, you will be asked to establish a PIN. Simply enter your current PIN or create a new one…the choice is yours.

Will I need to update my card information with businesses that have my card on file for purchases?

Yes. Your new Visa will have a new card number, expiration date, and security code.

I have my Visa and have activated it, how do I close my old card?

Once your new Visa card has been activated, your MasterCard will be automatically deactivated, so you may destroy it.

Will my new Visa debit card have a chip?

Yes. If you have an OVB Rewards account, be sure to select "Credit" at the register when making purchases to receive more cash back rewards.

What if I’m traveling or away from home when my new card arrives?

If you are away from your primary address and cannot receive your new Visa card, you can continue to use your MasterCard card for 30 days and activate the new card once you get home. If you need further assistance, we’re happy to help. Stop by any office or give us a call at 1-800-468-6682.

If I have more than one debit card, will I receive all my new Visa cards at the same time?

No. Each debit card switched over to Visa will be mailed separately. There may be several weeks between when one account is converted to Visa and another.

Will I still be able to get my Community First design (school/charity)?

If you wish to retain your Community First design, please stop by the bank and allow us to create your new Visa card for you in minutes.

What if I already got my Visa card in the mail and want my Community First design back?

Simply bring it in, and we’ll create a new one for you in minutes. There is no charge for this replacement if you had a Community First design before the switch to Visa.

My card just expired, and I received a MasterCard with a 2020 expiration date, when will I receive the Visa?

If you had an expiration date close to this switch, you may have already received a replacement MasterCard. Rest assured, regardless of the expiration date on your MasterCard, you will still receive your new Visa card by the end of June 2018.

Will I be able to use my Visa debit card with Apple Pay?

Yes. Apple Pay will still be available for all OVB debit and credit cards.

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Reach out to our Customer Support Center
1-800-468-6682 or email us