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Benjamin Tracker


A better way to manage and save money.

Ohio Valley Bank introduces Benjamin Tracker. Now, it's easy to manage money, monitor spending and actually see where your money goes. If you want to save money, improve financial health, and make financial management easier, this is great news for you. Best of's FREE!


Available for FREE as part of your NetTeller experience.

Login to NetTeller and click on the Benjamin Tracker tab to get started. 



sample dashboard

Get your complete financial picture. 

Your accounts connected to NetTeller are already waiting for you inside Benjamin Tracker. Also sync accounts with nearly 17,000 financial institutions.

Tag transactions to understand spending habits.

Rename transactions and add tags to track the expense category. You can split a purchase between multiple tags. Create a rule to help the system learn how to treat your future transactions.

sample tags

Make informed choices with the cash flow calendar. 

Track inflows and outflows in one place. Know your financial position on any given day in one glance. 

sample calendar

Visually track customized spending targets.

In just a couple of clicks, control your expense. Spending targets let you know where you stand. 

sample spending targets

Simplify financial goals

Set goals and let Benjamin Tracker figure out what it will take to meet them.

Sample goals


What are you waiting for? Download the Quick Start Guide and try it out today.