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With today’s economy, financial literacy has become more important than ever. Making successful financial decisions starts at a young age.

Through OVB's BANKit! program, students learn how to manage their money as well as learn financial lessons. For OVB BANKit!, an OVB banker visits classrooms monthly to facilitate a hands-on game that spans the entire school year. With OVB BANKit!, students are given $100 in Buzz Bucks and asked to make decisions on investing their money for optimum return. Each month they receive a statement that shows their current standing and are provided an opportunity to reallocate funds as they wish. Students also learn how to fill out bank paperwork such as deposit slips and account registers. In addition, during each OVB BANKit! visit, students are required to pull a "Real Life Card" which will force them to pay an unforeseen bill or provide unexpected cash. Along with the game, the visiting banker also presents an activity on the month's banking topic.

To schedule OVB BANKit! for your school, contact OVB Communications Specialist Hope Roush at (740) 578-3452 or email