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Adventure awaits you on MoneyIsland ...

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and Save Stone Broke

MoneyIsland, brought to you by Ohio Valley Bank, is an interactive world where kids earn "smackers" and learn how to spend, save, invest and share them wisely.

The inhabitants of MoneyIsland will help you along the way as you navigate to the center of the island to help save a boy who was turned to stone. Invest in island businesses and gems, save smackers earned from answering questions, buy items to personalize your Tiki hut and pay bills, and share your smackers with deserving island charities.

See how it all began. Watch the Story of Stone Broke.

Screenshot of the Money Island online game

When a class or youth group completes MoneyIsland together, they can receive a $50 donation.

For details, go to MoneyIsland Home 

or email

OVB Financial Literacy Leader Hope Roush

Note to Teachers: When playing MoneyIsland as a class, the game gives the teacher the tools to succeed. You can request a free companion Teachers Guide. Also, our special access for teachers allows you to track your students' progress and see where they may need additional help. MoneyIsland is the perfect way to satisfy financial literacy standards in the classroom.

Even if you decide not to play the entire game, check MoneyIsland for periodic mini-games and activities to compliment your own lesson plans.

Screenshot from the Money Island online game.
Screenshot from the Money Island online game.