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Ohio Valley Leasing

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The process is simple...

  1. Discuss your needs with your OVB commercial lender or Ohio Valley Leasing.
  2. Choose the equipment and negotiate a price.
  3. If approved, we take care of the lease documents and pay the equipment dealer for you.

Types of equipment...

  • Construction: bulldozers, cranes, compactors, excavators, vehicles
  • Energy: back-up generators, HVAC, lighting retrofit, security systems
  • Industrial & Manufacturing: production, injection, textile machines
  • Material Handling Equipment: forklifts, conveyors, platform lifts
  • Medical Equipment: CTs, dental and optial equipment, heart monitors, x-ray
  • Office Equipment: furniture, labeling, postage, telecommunications, servers, technology equipment
  • Printing/Publishing: binders, cutters, presses, typesetting

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Advantages of leasing...

  • 100% Financing
  • Overcome budget limitations
  • Reduce risk of becoming outdated
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Soft costs like installation, shipping, and training covered
  • Structured payments
  • Early termination available
  • Variety of leasing options




Additional tax benefits...

  1. Operating leases are structured to help you avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax.
  2. Capital leases allow you to keep the depreciation benefits.


Why wait?

Chances are, right now your company owns or operates equipment that would entitle your company to the benefits of leasing. 

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*Ohio Valley Leasing is a subsidiary of The Elex Group