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OVB adds CapitalExpress to commercial lending products

GALLIPOLIS, Ohio – Ohio Valley Bank is committed to assisting businesses by providing products that make banking easier.

OVB’s CapitalExpress is the newest addition to the bank’s lineup of commercial lending products. CapitalExpress is a tool that offers businesses immediate access to cash through accounts receivable financing.

As many business owners find access to cash critical to the success of their companies, CapitalExpress works to assure that businesses have the means to do so. CapitalExpress can help businesses reduce short term debt, make payroll, and access new working capital without creating new debt as the program works as a self-liquidating line of credit. In addition, by assisting with immediate cash access, businesses may be able to take advantage of or negotiate supplier discounts.

OVB’s CapitalExpress utilizes superior technology and real-time reports, which enables businesses to make more informed decisions. The program works via the following steps:

     • Businesses make sales and invoice customers on their terms.
     • Transaction data is transmitted to the bank via CapitalExpress online.
     • The bank purchases account receivables at a discount and places a small amount in a reserve account, which funds the balance to the business.
     • Customers mail payments on invoices to bank-controlled lockbox.
     • Businesses track the receivables cycle through the CapitalExpress online system, which provides 24/7 access.
     • The bank applies payments corresponding to invoices through the CapitalExpress system.

For more information and/or to book an appointment to learn more about CapitalExpress, reach out to your local OVB lender or call 800-468-6682 and ask for commercial lending. More information can also be found at

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