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Students React to OVBC Shareholders Meeting

May 18, 2018

annual meeting

Pictured above are River Valley and South Gallia high school students attending the OVBC Annual Shareholders Meeting on Wednesday.

GALLIPOLIS, Ohio--Ohio Valley Banc Corp. recently held their Annual Shareholders Meeting. This year’s event featured a variety of student involvement, including a moving performance from the Hannan Trace Elementary Beta Club. In addition, this year’s meeting once again featured some special guests as students from South Gallia High School and River Valley High School were in attendance.
annual meeting
Hannan Trace Beta Club performs a stirring patriotic tribute
RVHS student Julia Nutter, who attended the 2017 meeting, said that she was pleased to learn more about OVB at this year’s event.  “This meeting was similar to last year, but this meeting focused more on how well they did (in 2017).,” she said. “I thought it was cool how they are working on their new building downtown. It’s interesting to see that the community will be able to use it for events.”
Many of the students in attendance also were excited to see plans regarding OVB on the Square, the project to revive one of the bank’s first homes and further develop downtown Gallipolis. President and CEO Tom Wiseman explained that the bank had purchased two adjacent lots over the last year, so that the project has expanded in scope. He also revealed plans for a rooftop patio overlooking the City Park adjoined to a community meeting room on the third floor of the old bank building.
SGHS student Emily Riggle also found plans for OVB on the Square interesting. She said that she enjoyed learning more about the bank’s role in the community as well.  
Meret Mingers, SGHS and German exchange student, agreed. “I thought it was really interesting to hear about the plans they have for the community and their plans for the new building,” Mingers said.
SGHS student Bladen Ebersol agreed and said that he enjoyed seeing the plans for OVB on the Square. He also remarked how he enjoyed seeing how the company’s stock increases. OVB’s Community First mission stood out for other students in attendance, while many agreed that they enjoyed learning just how big OVB was in terms of shareholders and communities that the bank serves.
“I learned that OVB is part of a bigger community than I thought it would be, especially with all of the independent shareholders. I never thought there was so much going into this company,” SGHS and German exchange student Lea Henning said.
RVHS student Isabella Moore echoed Henning’s thoughts. “OVB is definitely larger than I thought. It was a really big eye opener to see everything the bank does as well as the successes that they have achieved and the goals that they have made,” she said.
Moore’s classmate, RVHS student Josie Jones, described learning about the shareholders who make the company possible as her number one takeaway from the event. “The meeting wasn’t quite what I expected. It was a little more formal, but it was interesting to see it come together. I didn’t know that (shareholders) meetings were like this. It was interesting to see how OVB conducted their business here and how they related to their shareholders,” Jones said.
SGHS students Shawn Ward and Hunter Sanders also enjoyed learning about the shareholders as well as the company’s stock. “I learned that there were millions in stock shares and it was interesting to see the amount of individuals who own them,” Sanders said.
Jeff Fowler, SGHS teacher, said he was pleased that students are able to see how a shareholders meeting works. “I think it’s important for them to attend because this gives them a sense of importance of local businesses that have grown and have become leaders not only in this community but in regional areas,” he said. “These young people need to see this as an example of good business. A bank is an institution which literally lends a hand to the community in terms of homes, livelihoods and businesses.”
Michelle Alderman, RVHS teacher, was unable to attend this year’s event but said she was thankful OVB welcomed her students. “I really appreciate OVB for allowing our students this opportunity to attend this event each year. I really hated to miss it this year but I was glad Hope (Roush, OVB financial literacy leader) took care of my students, “ Alderman said. “It is nice for students to be able to see the behind the scenes operations of their local bank and that banking is more than just checking and savings accounts.”        

Ohio Valley Banc Corp. common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol OVBC and is available wherever stock is sold. The holding company owns Ohio Valley Bank, with 19 offices in Ohio and West Virginia, and Loan Central, with six consumer finance offices in Ohio. More info on Ohio Valley Banc Corp. stock can be found in the bank's Investor Relations section.