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Your First Savings

picture of mom and baby with piggy bank

Your child's first savings account is a very important milestone. A savings account started at infancy will grow with the child to one day be there to help them buy their first car, college tuition, first home, dream wedding, or whatever life demands. It is their safe haven for a rainy day. It is the best gift you could give.

Helpful tools...

College Savings Calculator

Compound Savings Calculator

Savings Goals Calculator

When you visit to open baby's first savings account, bring...
  • Baby's Social Security Card
  • Parent's Drivers License or government-issued photo ID
  • Parent's Social Security Number

Accounts available for young savers...

Statement Savings
A basic savings account that earns interest with no monthly service charges for children 18 and under.

Education IRAs  

A long-term account that earns interest until maturity. Certain tax benefits may apply when the funds are used toward your child's education. 1-21 year terms available.

College Club Certificates of Deposit 
A Certificate of Deposit earmarked for your child's future and automatically renewable. 1-21 year terms available.

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