Employee benefits that add value

Happy employees are productive employees. Ohio Valley Bank can improve your benefit offering to help you attract and retain personnel.
Contact OVB business expert Tony Staley for details on offering these products to your employees.

My Health HSA

If your company offers a high deductible health plan for its employees, consider the benefits of My Health HSAs. These unique accounts give your employees a significant tax benefit at no additional cost to you. But if you want to invest a little, it’s easy to make a small annual deposit to your employees’ HSA as part of their overall health benefit package.

Christmas & Vacation Savings

Give your employees the opportunity to automatically save part of their paycheck. Each time they are paid, a portion of that check is automatically placed into a Christmas or Vacation Savings account through Payroll Direct Deposit. The account’s balance builds with each paycheck and interest is awarded as a bonus. Once annually, the account pays out its entire balance plus interest to the employee. Vacation Savings pays out in April; Christmas Savings in October.