Financial adventures with The Centsables

The Centsables are mild-mannered bankers by day and crime-fighting superheroes by night. They have the skills to thwart the bad guys in their tracks and are willing to teach you!

Join the Adventure right now!

Head on over to The Centsables home base for games, activity pages, and comics. Kids, have your parents' permission before going.

OVB Classroom Adventures

Teachers, you can bring the Centsables into your classroom with OVB Classroom Adventures.

The Centsables take center stage in OVB's elementary school programs:

  • Adventures in Credit: A banker visits classrooms to present a fun, active lesson on using credit wisely. The is designed at the fifth grade level. For the lesson, children learn about using credit wisely as they help The Centsables purchase a SuperMega Bike to fight crime. 
  • Adventures in Saving:  A banker visits the classroom to present a lesson on the importance of saving. The presentation is  designed at the fourth grade level. Topics covered in the presentation include wants vs. needs, creating a savings plan, and making deposits.

Each Adventure is 40 minutes (can be customized for a smaller timeframe). They can also be presented virtually via Zoom.

To schedule either an Adventure in Credit or Adventures in Saving program, contact OVB Communications Specialist Hope Roush at 740-578-3452 or email

Centsables cartoon characters
Learning about money is fun when you have a super hero team to help!
young woman in sunglasses holding up a mobile phone
Community Banker Hope Roush holds class in our Virtual Classroom with a whole host of financial literacy topics for kids.