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Gift Checks

Gift Checks are for anyone who wants to send a check for a special occasion without the hassle of envelopes and stamps. The check is perforated at the bottom of a letter with a personalized message from the sender. The sender can even choose a design for the letter. There is a $2.99 fee to send a gift check.

Sending is Easy

To send a Gift Check, login to NetTeller and click on the Bill Pay tab.

Click on GiftPay.

Step 1: Enter Recipient

Setup the recipient. All you will need is the recipient's name and mailing address. When finished, press "Send Gift" next to the recipient's name.

Step 2: Enter basic info

Enter the basic information for the gift check such as amount and delivery date.

screenshot of gift check setup

Step 3: Choose a design

screenshot of gift check designs

Step 4: Personalize 

screenshot of customized message

Step 5: Review and Send

screenshot of gift check preview

Simple and Fast

Quit wasting time with envelopes, expensive store-bought cards, and stamps. Login to NetTeller right now and click on Bill Pay to send your very own Gift Check.