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OVBC Shareholder Relations

Corporate Profile

Ohio Valley Banc Corp. is a bank holding company, operating the wholly owned subsidiaries of The Ohio Valley Bank Company and Loan Central, Inc.
The Ohio Valley Bank Company is a full-service bank offering commercial and retail services from 15 locations throughout southern Ohio and western West Virginia. Loan Central, Inc. is a consumer finance company offering loans and income tax preparation services from six offices in southern Ohio.
Ohio Valley Banc Corp. stock is traded on
The NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol OVBC.

Financial and Management Information

Financial Overview

Announcements & Reporting

OVBC Officers and Directors

Tom Wiseman
Thomas E. Wiseman
Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO
Larry E. Miller, II
President and Chief Operating Officer


Anna P. Barnitz
Brent A. Saunders
Brent R. Eastman
David W. Thomas
Edward J. Robbins
Kimberly A. Canady


Scott W. Shockey, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Tommy R. Shepherd, Senior Vice President & Secretary
Bryan F. Stepp, Senior Vice President, Lending/Credit
Mario P. Liberatore, Vice President
Cherie A. Elliott, Vice President
Frank W. Davison, Vice President
Ryan J. Jones, Vice President
Allen W. Elliott, Vice President
Shawn R. Siders, Vice President
Bryna S. Butler, Vice President
Marilyn G. Kearns, Vice President
Paula W. Clay, Assistant Secretary
Cindy H. Johnston, Assistant Secretary

Committee Membership

Thomas E. Wiseman Larry E. Miller II Anna P. Barnitz Brent
A. Saunders
David W. Thomas Brent
R. Eastman
Edward J. Robbins Kimberly A. Canady
Executive Committee Chair X X X X

Compensation and Management Succession Committee

Chair X

Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee

Chair X
Audit Committee

Chair X
Board Enterprise Risk Committee (BERC)

Chair X
 OVB on the Square

OVBC Shareholder Relations Department
Phone: 1-800-468-6682

Address: 420 Third Avenue, Gallipolis, OH 45631

Transfer Agent
Ohio Valley Bank
420 Third Avenue
Gallipolis, OH 45631