How sweet the rewards...

Ohio Valley Bank's most popular account, OVB Rewards Checking, is an unlimited checking account with all the perks including cash back on eligible purchases.

  • Initial Deposit $50.00
  • Monthly Service Fee $5.00, but can be fully refunded by following simple rules*
  • Bounce Protection (subject to approval) $700.00

Receive 0.50% cash back rewards on all signature-based debit card transactions if: You have 20 or more Debit Card Transactions AND receive eDelivery Statements AND write 8 or less checks per statement.

Best of all there is no arduous redemption back is automatically credited to your account each month for you.

Free: Online and Mobile Digital Banking, Online Bill Payment, Mobile Banking, eDelivery Statements, OVB ATM Transactions, 5 FREE non-OVB ATM Transactions per month ( Other banks' surcharges may still apply )

*Monthly Service Fee Refunded If: You receive eDelivery Statements AND Direct Deposits totaling $500.00 or more OR 15 or more Debit Card Transactions OR Average Monthly Balance of $1,500.00 or more.

The Bottom Line

If you...
  • Use your debit card at least 20 times a month, and
  • Seldom write checks (no more than 8 a month), and
  • Receive e-statements
You could be enjoying no monthly service fee AND earn CASH BACK automatically deposited to your account each month.