As part of the free security provided to you at the bank, your transactions are routinely monitored for atypical behavior to identify potential scammers and identity thieves. Making a purchase in a place far from home, may trigger additional verification of your identity.

Placing a travel notice prior to leaving home can ease stress in relation to travel and reduce time on the phone with support.

Travel Alert > OVB Debit Card
You can find travel notices for debit cards inside OVB Digital Banking, both the desktop and mobile version, by going to Dashboard --> Card Management and clicking the airplane icon.


From the Travel Notices screen you can add new notices, but also work with existing notices. Travel notices may be edited or deleted from this screen.
To create a new notice, click the Add Travel Notice button and enter the destination and dates on the following screen. If you have more than one debit card tied to the account you are working with, you may select multiple cards the travel notice applies to. When the notice is created you will receive an email.
Travel Alert > OVB Credit Card
Contact your nearest Ohio Valley Bank office or call 800-468-6682.