The American Dream

Ohio Valley Bank's Rent Buster Loan Program is designed to allow individuals, with a good credit history, to purchase a home with NO MONEY DOWN. Pay no more rent! That's right, we will loan you 100% of the money you need to purchase a new home. The Rent Buster program is no affiliated with any government entities. This means less paperwork and faster service for you, the home buyer.


  • Fixed or adjustable interest rates
  • No governmental red tape
  • Minimal closing costs
  • Fast loan decisions
  • No maximum income limitations

There are no maximum income limitations. Rent Buster loans pertain to owner-occupied residential property only. Applicant must not be a current homeowner. Applicant must escrow homeowners insurance, real estate taxes, and flood insurance, if applicable.

Home Requirements:

  1. Home must be structurally sound, adequate, and in good repair
  2. Plumbing, heating, water, waste disposal, and electricity must be inspected to ensure all are functioning properly
  3. Must be a single-family residence. No income-producing properties permitted
  4. Modulars and Randall type homes will be considered as long as they are already set up on a permanent foundation
  5. Home inspection required
*Property Insurance is required. Rent Buster Loan Program is subject to credit approval.