New debit and credit card protections are now available for all our customers!

This new feature will appear under the heading Alerts & Protections when you select your credit card or your account with an active debit card in both the Digital Banking desktop experience and the OVB Mobile Banking app. It will be automatically enabled for everyone, no need to request it or do anything on your end to see them.


Freeze for credit cards

With Alerts & Protections you will be able to manage your cards by freezing them temporarily and unfreezing them when you wish to use them, or blocking them permanently if they are lost or stolen. This is similar to how your debit card controls work now, but will be extended to credit cards with this update.


Robust alerts

You can set up notifications to be sent by the OVB app, text message, email, or even a combination of the three. These notifications can be set to alert you to: by merchant type (for example restaurants, travel, gas, and many more), by transaction type (for example ATM, eCommerce, brick and mortar stores, and more), by spending limits you set, and lastly by card usage at international locations.

Controls for blocking suspect transactions

In addition to sending alerts you can also configure those same transactions to be blocked outright. For example, if you never want your card to be used at a certain merchant, or if you want to set a monthly spending limit, you can set the triggering transaction to be blocked at the point of sale. When a transaction is blocked in this way you will also receive an alert.

We are very excited to be offering these new controls to all of our digital banking customers, and look forward to their debut.

Kinds of Alerts/Blocks?

You may have the ability to receive an alert and/or automatically block any of the following:
  • International transactions
  • By merchant type: Entertainment, Grocery, Gas, Age Restricted, etc.
  • By transaction type: ATM, eCommerce, Store, Recurring, etc.
  • By spending limit: set per transaction or monthly limit