Receiving Payments

Government payments come to the bank via the Federal Reserve as ACH payments to be posted to accounts once daily during nightly processing. They are only received Monday through Friday. No payments are received on Saturdays, Sundays, or federal holidays; though New Year's Day can be an exception due to end of year processing.

If you check for a direct deposit once in the morning, and it is not there, you don't have to check the rest of the day.

Quick ways to check your account

*For security, we do not share account information via email or social networks.

Set up alerts  

To setup in the OVB Mobile App:
  1. Login to the App and press on the account that will receive the payment
  2. Select Alert Preferences
  3. Under Transaction alerts, choose Add alert
  4. Change the alert phrase to: When a (credit) is over $(one dollar less than expected payment)
  5. Select to receive by email, text, or in-app message and press the Add Alert button