paperless statements & notices

OVB eDelivery is a quick, secure, green way to receive your paperless account statements and notices using your computer or the OVB App. Avoid mailed statement fees by signing up for this free service today.

Using a desktop or laptop computer...

  1. Login to NetTeller
  2. Click on the eDelivery tab
  3. Click on Documents & Settings
Don't have NetTeller? Apply now.

To expand the Account and see available documents, click on the green plus icon.
  • If the box is checked, you will receive it electronically via secure eDelivery.
  • If the box is unchecked, it will be mailed through the U.S. Postal Service or another owner of the account has selected it for eDelivery.
  • If the box is grayed out, it is not available for enrollment.

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