Our favorite free budgeting tool, Benjamin Tracker, just got even better.

OVB Benjamin Tracker now harnesses the power of MasterCard's Finicity system to add and keep your non-OVB accounts reliably connected so that you have an efficient homebase, securely tucked inside OVB Digital Banking.

You may already have seen this message at the top of your Benjamin Tracker dashboard:

What does this mean?

Any non-OVB accounts that were connected to Benjamin Tracker before this improvement are now in listed in the inactive account tab inside Benjamin Tracker. As inactive, the accounts will no longer automatically update, but historical transaction information will still be viewable in all of Benjamin Tracker's tools.

How do I re-link the ones I still want?

For best results, we recommend you do 2 things:

  1. Archive the inactive version of the account
  2. Re-link your non-OVB account

This only takes a minute or two...

1:  Archive 
  1. Inside Benjamin Tracker, click on ACCOUNTS
  2. At the top of the chart there is Active and Inactive, press INACTIVE
  3. Click on the inactive account that needs to be archived
  4. To the right of the account name, click on the pencil icon
  5. At the bottom, to the left of the Save button, they will click on the ARCHIVE button

Note that on the Inactive Screen, inactive accounts are highlighted in green, archived accounts are highlighted in gray. The difference is that old transactions for inactive accounts will still display in Benjamin Tracker, but no transactions display for archived accounts. 

If you click on the pencil icon for an account that is already archived, the button to the left of Save will be DELETE and if pressed the account will be permanently removed. If this happens, just navigate away from the screen or cancel. We recommend that you Archive, rather than Delete, to make sure no needed info is lost.

2: Re-link
  1. Inside Benjamin Tracker, click on ACCOUNTS in the top navigation
  2. Click on the + button in the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Search for their other bank
  4. Click NEXT to agree to Finicity’s terms
  5. Enter their internet banking ID and password for your other bank
  6. Press Submit

*You may be challenged by your other bank for your one-time passcode or security question if the require it. You should only be challenged during this initial setup; your accounts should continually update after without having to enter this information.

*IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you archive the inactive account if you are relinking the  same account; otherwise you will see double transactions!!