Info to help you safeguard your accounts

Alerts and Scams

If you are unsure of a call you receive, hang up and call OVB at 800-468-6682. If it is a suspicious text or email, do not click any links or open attachments. Do not respond (this tells them that it is a valid number).

If you believe you have received a scam call, email, or text and have inadvertently given out private information, please contact the local authorities and the bank for assistance.

OVB regularly issues an advisory when a scam is discovered locally. Advisories are posted on OVB's Facebook page and available under News on this website.

Never give SSN or Card/Account info over the phone or by text or email.

Ohio Valley Bank asks the public to be vigilant. Never give your social security number or card/account information over the phone, text, or unsecure email. When in doubt, hang up or do not respond and contact your bank first. If you feel you might be the victim of a scam, please report it to the proper authorities and your financial institution.

Library of Best Practices

FTC's ID Theft Recovery Tool

Useful resource for moving past identity theft.